Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates is a performance artist who acts as various animals during his performances. He dresses as a buck making animal noises while the audience hysterically laughs at him. He also goes out into nature and tries to communicate with the birds. I find it very odd that he is a respected artist because I don't really get what he is trying to achieve or tell the audience with his performances. During class we watched a video in which he performed for a government official in Israel and I honestly felt bad for the poor man you could feel his uneasiness through the screen. Apparently his performance was meant to be related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but I don't really see how it applies at all.

When I see performance artists like Marina Abramovic I really appreciate the originality of her work but when I look at someone like Marcus Coates I just see a man acting like a little boy dressed up as an animal and think he just needs to grow up. Then again that is my personal opinion and I may not like the work he does but many others do. It is all about your preference and if you don't like a certain work of art or artist the chances of you looking at it and registering it as art is slim. So I don't think I will be seeking out a show of his anytime soon.

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