Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nicolas Bourriaud Postproduction

Nicolas Bourriaud is a French curator and art critic who is best known for his writings Relational Aesthetics(1998) and Postproduction(2001.) In his third book Postproduction Bourriaud talks about the relationship between deejaying and contemporary art. He does so by comparing the process a discjockey applies to music and the practice of making comtemporary art.  He writes They don't really "create" anymore, they reorganize. There are two dominant figures in today's culture: the DJ and the programmer. Both deal with things that are already produced. The common point between relational aesthetics and Post-Production is this idea that to communicate or have relations with other people, you need tools. Culture is this box of tools.” I interpret the quote as him saying that in modern day society we need "tools" in order to move forward. I don't necessarily agree with him when he says that DJs don't really create anymore yes most of them work with pieces that have already been produced but most DJs make their own original music as well as remixing already made songs. Bourriaud also discusses the way the media and the internet has changed us and the rise of digital art.

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