Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Tang Museum/The Jewel Thief/PS1

What I loved most about this exhibit is that it used many different art mediums and almost all the pieces had these beautiful vivid colors in them. I loved the jewels and especially the variety of abstract paintings. One of my favorite rooms had to be the one with the different colored floor boards it reminded me of my nephews room and it had a playfulness about it.
I also really enjoyed the installation piece with the different colored jewels. It fits in very well with the concept and name of the show. The Jewel Theif is definitely a show I'd go back and revisit and bring friends and family I really like art that pops and there was no shortage of it in this exhibit. I also went MoMa PS1 which is one of the largest nonprofit institutions for contemporary art in the United States. Every Saturday they had a different event and I went to an event that had several DJs playing and the people there ranged from hipster to preppy to business men. It was essentially a melting pot of people and one of the best saturdays I have had in a long time. I can't wait to go back a friend brought me and some of my cousins and we all loved it. Aside from the party PS1 displays some of the most experimental art in the world. They have about 50 exhibitions a year which are very diverse and appeal to a broad range of people as well as a full schedule of live music and peforming.

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